Arcade Orbit Drone
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Available as early as: March 09, 2016

Arcade Orbit Drone


The Orbit NANO is very small and lightweight and great for flight indoors as well as outdoors. The NANO’s tiny body means it can perform tricks and stunts in small spaces, so you can show off extreme drone flying in the comfort of your bedroom.

Flight into the night
The perfect excuse to explore the world from above, the Orbit has no limits. The green and red LED lights built into the drone means that when the sun goes down, your drone doesn’t have to stop! Watch the fantastic light displays that you can create through your flips and rolls, and take camera footage of the world at night.


  • Operational Distance - 80-100 Metres
  • Flying Time - 7 Minutes
  • Charge Time - 60 Minutes
  • Controller Batteries - 4 x AA (not included)
  • Drone Battery Capacity - 3.7v/450mAh

Arcade Orbit Drone

Product Features

  • Lightweight compact frame
  • Indoors and outdoors fun.
  • 80-100 Metres flight distance
  • LED Light Display
  • Camera not included
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